Bridgeport may give developer $1 million toward East End project

BRIDGEPORT — Honey Locust Square, the East End retail project that has run short of cash, may be getting a nearly $1 million boost from city officials to help complete it.

On Tuesday the City Council will consider a request from Mayor Ganim’s administration to spend $588,000 to help private contractor Anthony Stewart and his Ashlar Construction company continue to make progress on the delayed redevelopment project along Stratford Avenue.

“That will be a big help if I can get it,” Stewart told Hearst Connecticut Media.

In addition, according to a document forwarded to the council, City Hall has decided to put an additional $400,000 of the $110 million Bridgeport received in American Rescue Plan coronavirus relief toward that same cause. It will be labeled “small business assistance,” according to a memorandum from Finance Director Kenneth Flatto to the council.

“It’s a project that needs to be done and I’m hoping the council will support it,” said Councilman Ernie Newton, who represents the East End. 


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