Fuel Cell Technologies Horizon, a major shareholder of Hyzon Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:HYZN), sells 3,769,592 shares.

On Tuesday, December 27th, Fuel Cell Technologies Horizon, a significant shareholder in the company, completed the liquidation of their holdings in Hyzon Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: HYZN) by selling 3,769,592 shares of the company’s stock. Because the shares were sold at an average price of $1.71 each, the transaction that resulted in their sale generated a total value of $6,446,002.32 for the company. After the completion of the transaction, the company insider now directly owns 151,869,414 shares of the company’s stock, which are worth $259,696,697.94. You will be taken to a document submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission if you click the link. This document contains information and an explanation about the transaction that was just completed. It is required by law for major owners who control more than 10 percent of a company’s shares to report any sales or purchases to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

During the previous few months, hedge funds have either increased or decreased the amount of the company’s stock that they hold. Price T. Rowe Associates, Inc. (MD) spent $26,000 during the third quarter to acquire an additional interest in Hyzon Motors. This transaction took place during the third quarter. During the second quarter, Pictet Asset Management SA acquired a new stake in Hyson Motors by contributing $40,000 to the company in the form of investment. Wedbush Securities Inc. made an additional $40,000 in Hyzon Motors during the year’s second quarter to acquire a new stake in the company. Principal Financial Group Inc. spent forty thousand dollars during the second quarter to acquire a new interest in Hyzon Motors. This acquisition took place during the quarter. Last but not least, during the third quarter, Bayesian Capital Management LP contributed $44,000 to Hyzon Motors to increase the company’s equity. Institutional investors own 18.97% of the company’s shares, making up most of the shareholders.
The price of NASDAQ: HYZN decreased by $0.09 during the trading session on Friday, taking it to $1.59. The typical volume of the stock is 750,413 shares, but only 24,759 were traded today, which is a significantly lower amount than the typical volume. The current trading price of the company’s stock is $1.70 lower than its 50-day simple moving average and $2.30 higher than its 200-day simple moving average. Within the past year, Hyzon Motors Inc. has traded for as little as $1.37 at its lowest point and as much as $7.03 at its highest point.
Hyzon Motors Inc., a company that specializes in hydrogen mobility and goes by the name Hyzon Motors Inc., has areas of expertise, including the provision of infrastructure for the supply of hydrogen and low-carbon solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. Both of these areas of expertise are held by Hyzon Motors, Inc. In addition to developing and fostering a clean hydrogen supply ecosystem with leading partners, the company’s primary focus is on assembling and supplying hydrogen-powered FCEVs to commercial vehicle operators. These vehicles include heavy-duty (Class 8) trucks, medium-duty (Class 6) trucks, light-duty (Class 3 and 4) trucks, and 40-foot (12-meter) and 60-foot (18-meter) city and coach buses. This encompasses everything from the source materials to hydrogen production, distribution, and financing.


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