The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company sells its Cadence Bank stock (NYSE:CADE)

According to the Manufacturers Life Insurance Company’s most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the insurer reported a decrease of 31.8% in the amount of Cadence Bank (NYSE: CADE) stock that it owned during the third quarter. The filing was made from October through December (SEC). The institutional investor now has 693,838 shares of the company’s stock in possession after selling 323,135 shares during the most recent quarter of the company’s fiscal year.

According to the most recent filing that the Manufacturers Life Insurance Company made with the SEC, the bank’s stock, currently valued at $17,630,000, is held by the company.

Several other institutional investors and hedge funds have also modified their CADE holdings in recent months. The Bank of Montreal increased the percentage of Cadence Bank shares it owned by 4.4% during the first three months of 2018.

Bank of Montreal now has 19,804 shares, valued at $603,000, thanks to purchasing 841 additional shares during the most recent quarter. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public School Employees Retirement System increased the amount of Cadence Bank stock owned by 6.2% during the first three months of the year. Following the acquisition of an additional 4,059 shares during the preceding quarter, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public School Empls Retreat SYS now holds 69,024 shares of the company. The current market value of these shares places the company’s stock at $2,020,000. These shares came to a total of $2,020,000 when they were purchased. Cibc World Market Inc.

Purchased approximately $2.437,000 worth of Cadence Bank stock during the first three months of 2018.

In the first quarter of this year, Sei Investments Company increased by 1,892.1% the proportion of Cadence Bank stock that they owned. Sei Investments Co. now has a total of 251,737 shares of the company’s stock, which has a value of $7,377,000 after purchasing an additional 239,100 shares during the most recent quarter. This brings the total number of shares owned by the company to 251,737. The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board invested approximately $2,458,000 during the first quarter to acquire a new position in Cadence Bank and a new holding in the company.
Recently, multiple analysts specializing in stock research have provided their thoughts on the CADE share price.

In a report made public on November 17th, Janney Montgomery Scott indicated that the price target they have established for Cadence Bank has increased from $29.00 to $30.00.

Despite this, the recommendation from the company has been changed from “buy” to “neutral.” They explained their choice by stating that it was derived from their situation evaluation. On Monday, December 5th, the report that Morgan Stanley had been working on regarding Cadence Bank was finally made available to the public. The share price has been assigned an equal value, and a price objective of $32.00 has been decided upon. One analyst has given the company a buy rating, three analysts have recommended that investors keep their holdings in the company’s shares, and one has suggested that investors make a strong purchase of the company’s shares.

According to reports on, the company is currently rated as having an average recommendation of “Moderate Buy,” and the consensus price target for the stock is set at $30.71.
On Thursday, a share of CADE stock was $24.94, an increase from the previous day. The stock’s 250-day and 205-day moving averages are currently at $26.18. The 205-day moving average is currently located at $25.86. The ratio of the current ratio to the quick ratio is 0.72, while the ratio of the quick ratio to the current ratio is 0.73. The ratio of debt to equity is 0.12. The price-to-earnings ratio of the company’s stock, which is currently 14.50, and its beta value, which currently sits at 1.02, can be found below. The total value of the company’s stock on the market is equal to 2.71 billion dollars.

In the past year, the price of Cadence Bank shares has ranged from a 52-week low of $22.04 to a 52-week high of $33.23.

On Monday, October 24th, the most recent quarterly earnings report for Cadence Bank, which is traded on the NYSE under the symbol “CADE,” was made public. The actual earnings per share that the company generated for the quarter came in at $0.78, which is $0.01 more than the consensus estimate of $0.77 per share. Cadence Bank had a return on equity of 11.92%, and the company’s net margin was 17.78% of revenue.

According to the analysts’ projections, the anticipated revenue for the upcoming quarter could fall from $464.68 million to $479.85 million.

According to the projections of research professionals, Cadence Bank will bring in 2.91 cents per share in profits for the current fiscal year.

The commercial banking institution known as Cadence Bank is based in the United States and provides customers with a wide range of financial services. This particular financial institution provides a wide range of banking products and services, including consumer banking, consumer loans, mortgages, home equity lines of credit, credit cards, business and commercial banking, treasury management, specialized and asset-based lending, commercial real estate, equipment financing, and correspondent banking services.


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